Not being able to filter by as-of-yet unassigned value

Hi all,

I love Monday and my team loves Monday. But there’s one thing that’s a huge issue.

  • We’re a small agency. One person may work on 2-3 projects in a sprint, which means their work spans 2-3 boards
  • So what I do is set them up with a Table in their Dashboard that says “Show me ALL the work from Boards A,B,C FILTERED by column ASSIGNEE” or by “column STATUS”
  • But if a status hasn’t yet been assigned to a task, there’s no way to filter out everything else

Here’s an example:
For our QA resource, we mark tasks as “Ready for QA”. This may not happen until 2 or 3 weeks after a project has started. So, let’s say Project X launches
If I include Project X in QA’s table, they have to look at EVERYTHING in Project X until someone finally marks something as “Ready for QA”
Point being, I can’t use a Status label as a filter until that Status is assigned to a task.

This isn’t the end of the world, but it prevents me from being able to set up a filter and not having to keep checking on it. Right now I need to keep constantly adjusting filters because finally someone used a Status for a task. It seems really silly, especially for things like Status that are “pre-filled”.