Not getting app_subscription object in response

Hi there,

We recently got our application for monetization approved, and I am integrating the monetization SDK on our app -

The SDK documentation says that I should be expecting a app_subscription object as response to the context query, but I am not getting it

Here is the response to monday.context

{"method":"get","type":"context","data":{"theme":"light","account":{"id":"7403972"},"user":{"id":"17067431","isAdmin":true,"isGuest":false,"isViewOnly":false,"countryCode":"IN","currentLanguage":"en","timeFormat":"12H","timeZoneOffset":5},"region":"use1","app":{"id":40223,"clientId":"9949c485aeae833d90caf2d0c56edb43"},"appVersion":{"id":10093649,"name":"Mind Mapping","status":"draft","type":"minor","versionData":{"major":1,"minor":6,"patch":0,"type":"minor"}},"boardIds":[],"viewMode":"fullscreen","editMode":true,"instanceId":-1,"instanceType":"board_view"},"requestId":"xke2t2e"}

Here is the response to app_subscription and app_monetization_status queries

{"data":{"me":{"id":17067431,"name":"Kranthi Kiran","email":"","account":{"id":7403972,"name":"ThoughtFlow"}},"app_subscription":[],"apps_monetization_status":{"is_supported":true}},"account_id":7403972}

What am I doing wrong?
Would appreciate your help in getting this to work. Thank you.

Hello there @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Did you create a mock subscription before testing this?

Thanks @Matias.Monday .
I haven’t created that yet. Will give it a try.

Sounds good!

Let me know what happens!


Hey @Matias.Monday ,
I ran the query from the preview section of the mind map view in the app screen, but I am getting a 403 error


Any idea what could I be doing wrong?

Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Did you select a board from the corner button “Boards”?

I recommend getting context while viewing your application from a board, as opposed to the preview.

Let me know how that goes!

HI @alessandra ,
I hadn’t selected the board earlier, but even after selecting the board, I am getting the same error.

The reason I am using the developer preview is that I want to make these changes on my local machine on a draft version before making them live so that it does not disrupt the workflow of current users.
If I want view my app from a board, I would have to publish it, and any existing users may not be able to see their mind maps.

Is there a work around that would allow to use the draft version? Also, would it be possible to get some 1-1 help from any developers at monday who can help? It’s been more than a week that I’m struggling with this. :frowning:

Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow,

You can reach out to our team at!


Hi @rachelatmonday - Sent an email . Hoping to connect with someone soon.

@alessandra - I tried this out from the board directly. Still getting the same error :frowning:

Hi @alessandra , @Matias.Monday - I tried this from by creating a test monday account with a dummy email address. Now I get a subscription object in the context response, but the mock subscription endpoint still returns a unauthorized exception.

Hello @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Would you be able to please send an email to so we can take a closer look from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you!