Notification Filters have arrived in Beta!

Hey there users! I have some exciting news to share with you! Based off my previous post regarding all things notifications - we have released our new quick filters for Bell Notifications . This will allow you to digest your notifications in a simpler more straight forward way rather than all at once! You’ll have the ability to quickly move between all notifications, unread, I was mentioned, and Assigned to me!


To activate this feature first make sure you are a beta user . If you are then you can navigate to your avatar profile on the bottom left > monday.labs > activate :“quick filters”:


We’d love to get your feedback on this both positive and constructive as we continue to improve notifications across the platform. Your input is extremely valuable to our team! To do this you can click "give feedback on the top right of the bell notification window! Don’t worry - we are working on a way to delete all - stay tuned!


If you’re looking to become a beta user - reach out to our Customer Experience team by emailing us at with the subject “beta user”! We’d be happy to have you on board!

Happy notifying!

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works well from my initial tests

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Yeah same, this is a big improvement :slight_smile:


Works well. Big improvement.

I’d love to be able to apply the Unread behaviour to the update bubbles on each pulse in each board:
Blue bubble = unread; Grey bubble = read.


Hey @JohnW! Love this idea - we are investigating and researching a whole face lift for the updates section but I will add your feedback as a few other users have requested something similar! Feel free to send over any other ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @lauralev There was a bit of discussion on this “blue bubble=unread” suggestion back in April.


Hi @lauralev, I added my feedback into another topic Inbox vs. Notifications, because my feedback is on both the bell and the Inbox. You can find my update here Inbox vs. Notifications


But if extra feedback. The notifications badge should stay with the count of unreads.

Now I have say 20 unreads. I click the notification and those 20 are removed even without reading them.

Not sure if that’s intentional but it’s not great for keeping on top of all notifications IMHO that is.