Notification Handling via Graphql

Hello everybody,

I am trying to use the Notification System for an Application. I am using the api method as described in When sending a mutation api call as described here, i get a 500 Error back.

Before the 500 Error i was able to check that the query and all its details are alright, because i got a validation error for using the wrong notification type.

I tried out lots of trial error so far but now i am in the status that I have to ask, any help is appreciated.

This is how the request looks like:
{"query":"mutation {\n create_notification (user_id: <userId>, target_id: <boardInstanceId>, text: \"Xou got a message\", target_type: Project) {\n text\n }\n }","client_id":"<client_id>","client_token":"<token>"}

Hey @flobau :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to the community and allowing us to lend a hand :slight_smile: I’d love to help out.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, what is the value you are using for the target_id parameter? It should be an Item ID within From the code, it seems like you might be referring to a board instead?

I’ve just tried out the following query in the API playground and it seemed to work without issues:

mutation {
  create_notification (text: "I like turtles. Do you like turtles?" user_id: <myuserid>, target_id: 413942519, target_type: Project) {

Where target_id is the item ID. Could you try the approach above out?


Thanks for the answer, thats correct -> i used the board ID because i don’t really have an item in my application. i guess there is no way that a notification can be sent without an item attached to it?

I participate in the App Marketplace Challenge - I added a Settings Field to the Application to enter a “Carrier Item ID” that enables Notifications in the App.

I still would be interested to send a Notification that links directly into an application, so if you know any way how this is possible I would like to integrate it.

Have a great start in the week,