Notify User When User Type Changes

Feature request summary: add an admin setting to enable notifications to users when their user type changes.

Feature request details: the Customization > Features admin screen at …/admin/customization/features could have a new section (with two check boxes) that looks something like this:

User Type change notification
Generate a notification to a user when their User Type changes.
_ Notify user when User Type changes to Viewer
_ Notify user when User Type changes to Member

Use Cases
The use cases for our company are:

  1. When a Viewer requests to become a member, they should receive a confirmation that their User Type was changed. Currently in, when an admin changes a user from Viewer to Member, the user isn’t notified. This results in follow-up inquiries which could be avoided by a notification. (FYI, our volume is several requests per day, and we have thoroughly explored SCIM and other provisioning approaches.)
  2. We periodically change users from Member to Viewer if they haven’t accessed for X days. Currently in, when an admin changes a user from Member to Viewer , the user isn’t notified. The admin must manually notify the user. In our manual notification, we include a note that if the user wants to be able to edit and comment again, they should request to become a Member. If sent a notification automatically, that would save admin time.

Thank you!