, Flow,, and ClickUp are pulling away personal customers - how to prevent that

Customers are being pulled away from, especially ones who are using monday for personal time management, me being one of them. How to combat this?

I am a 14 y/o student from HKSAR, China and I have been enjoying for the last 2 years. The first year was without the student discount and my friends and I paid full for the plan! As time passes and more and more competitors rise up, I am considering to move away from and I feel like Monday needs a revamp.

As far as I understand, is designed with enterprise in mind. However, I believe that the following suggestions will benefit not only personal customers but enterprise users too.

1: Making it lighter-weight and available for use offline.
The desktop app (presumably written in electron?) is too slow and it requires internet connection for it to work, which isn’t always the case around school. Is there any way for creating a lighter weight monday app?

2: Docs - Click Up has it. Notion has it. It might seem like this space is already crowded with competition. However, I believe that there is still room to innovate. In order to succeed, it must be able to export to google docs and word with one click. Yes. Notion lacks this feature and that is why I am reluctant to switch. Google docs was successful because it could be converted to word any time it is needed, which was really important at the early stages of the the app. Sections should also be easily collapsable like Rome Research, especially for customers who are coders and are used to collapsable modules.

3:Google Calendar Integration - “A task that is not scheduled will not be done” - Click Up. I understand that there is a calendar feature in monday but I believe that it is beneficial to have it sync to google calendar.

I am just one of your customers in the pool of millions, so this might not even be read by the monday team, but if you do read it, many thanks for taking personal customers into consideration:)

Many thanks,