Number Column not set on create mutation


I’ve a problem on a mutation i send this object

            boardId: parseInt(event.ressource.boardId),
            itemId: parseInt(,
            itemName: title,
            columnValues: JSON.stringify({
                "statut_1": {"label": status},
                "name": title,
                "date4" : {"date": moment(start).utc().format('YYYY-MM-DD'), "time": moment(start).utc().format('HH:mm:ss')},
                "date2": {"date": moment(end).utc().format('YYYY-MM-DD'), "time": moment(end).utc().format('HH:mm:ss')},
                "chiffres97": timeBreak,
                "cocher": isLock ? {"checked": "true"} : null

with for sample this values

    "id": 0,
    "title": "Bureau",
    "status": "Bureau",
    "boardName": "David NAUD",
    "timeBreak": "1",
    "isLock": false

For explain this object are generated with a form it’s the same form for create and update.
Then I dispatch create_item or change_multiple_column_values mutation query with some logic.
The problem is when i send this with the mutation create_item the number column with chiffres97 ID the value are always empty but when i send the same thing in an update the value are set correctly.
I’ve no error on creation the item was create correctly.
I’ve remove the default value was set on column.

Hello @DNOtsi and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I understand chiffres97 is a numbers column.

What happens if you pass a number here instead of a string?

“timeBreak”: 1,

Let me know how that goes!


Hi Matias thanks.

I’ve try it too, and have the same result, works on update but not on create

Hello again,

That is strange.

Would you be able to please send an email with this information to so we can take a closer look from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!


Ok thanks i do that

See you over there!