Number Columns is being used as a task name so it is sortable, but is there a way to get rid of the comma?


Hoping someone already has a solution to this, but after our team searching the community archives, we were unable to find a workable solution.

Is there a way to display a Number Column without a comma and still have it sort numerically?

That may sound strange but we have “Store Numbers” that are basically a Name for that Task (that needs to be sortable so it can not be the pulse name), but also a number. So we have it setup as a number column so it will sort properly. The downside to this is that with it being a number, it inserts the comma that drives us all a little nuts because the Store Number doesn’t include a comma. We have also tried putting this as a text column but that is not sortable.

Hi @LHebard when I saw this post I assumed there was a way around this…I was surprised to learn that it’s doesn’t seem possible. I trued multiple ways to make this work to no avail.

This just needs to be a formating option similar to displaying the column as currency or a percentage.

I’ll ask around to see if I can find any other clever solutions.


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Thank you! Our team will be so excited to have this issue put to rest. We really appreciate your help.

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@LHebard, @mark.anley,

One solution might be to create a formula column (TEXT[store number},"#") as the display column and continue to sort by the number column.

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Great idea @JCorrell! :+1:

@LHebard you could then just collapse the number column you are sorting by so its not overly visible (or hide it from your view entirely).

Similar issue here! I want to have a column for a 5-digit sales order # as numbers instead of text, but the number type shows it as 12,345. Would be nice to be able to turn it off in the column settings!

Essentially, we are using it as a sku number too!

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