Number in the dropdown

Good afternoon, I have a project in development but it’s stagnant due to a difficulty we had with dropdown. I’m using Colab to send information from excel to a monday board, I need to store a value that is only number in a column of the dropdown type, but when the value has only numbers it returns an error 500! Can I get around this issue?

The value of ‘Codigo Assessor’ and ‘Codigo cliente’ already exists in the dropdown!

Inside collab the excel columns have this ID

And I refer like this, with monday columns.

I need help referencing numeric values ​​within the dropdown.

Thank you in advance for your attention!

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Hey @franklin.oliveira :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and allowing us to lend a hand :slight_smile:

I think I see what might be causing the issue here. It seems like you are sending the values to the Dropdown column as an integer, for example, as 123456789. Even if that value exists within the dropdown column, the label is formatted as a string. In that case, you would need to send “123456789” as the value to

Could you test this approach out, and let us know if that works?