Numbers in columns


Is it possible to only really enter a number in a column?

If I now use the current column numbers, I always get a digital number with periods and commas, even if I set everything to zero.

Now I use the short text column but I would like to impose conditions on the input of the number.

So what I want is to enter a number like 4006821 without Monday changing it (40,068,21).

(I see on this forum that a request has been made for a while to be able to enter this as an ID / unique number, but I cannot find it yet)


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Hi @RobvanHees,

One workaround that I use for that is to utilize the TEXT function. You can perform your conditions with the number, and in the last stage of the process, incorporate this formula to display the number as a text. It would look like this:
TEXT({Number},"##############"). Just incorporate as many symbols as you need or in excess.
Hope it helps,