OAuth, internal server error

Hi all,

So i’m trying to implement the OAuth workflow with monday. I did all the steps in the doc, but somehow, whenever my application calls the redirect towards the /authorize endpoint, after I authorize the application in the web interface, I get a : {"error":"server_error","error_description":"Internal server error","state": ...

My request is to this URL:


So to debug this in order to see if my app’s request was the problem, I copied the suggested URL in the app OAuth section (app framework) which is just the previous URl without the state query param.

I still get redirected to the web interface where I allow the monday integration its needed scopes. But after this, when my configured single redirect URL gets call, the request query contains the internal server error.

What am I missing ?

In case anybody encounter this issue, i got a workaround:

re-create your application in Monday. Now, it works flawlessly, with the same code…

Would be great to know why tho ? maybe my app requested to much tokens during testing ?

Hello there @guidou4 ,

That is odd.

What changed between the two apps?


  • client id
  • client signing secret

Hello again @guidou4 ,

It sounds odd indeed. There could be a typo somewhere on the first attempt or something of the sort. I am glad you got this solved.

If you wish to check this further, please send the following information to appsupport@monday.com:

  1. App ID of the app that failed + scopes selected in the app configuration screen
  2. Steps taken + timestamp of when the app failed (date, hour, minute and location)
  3. Full request URL
  4. Full error received from our server
  5. App ID of the app that worked + scopes selected in the app configuration screen
  6. Full request URL