Oauth2 response, missing fields expires_in and refresh_token

Hi there :wave:
When I read the doc here, I’m expecting to get:

  • token_type
  • scope
  • access token
  • expires_in
  • refresh_token

in response to: https://auth.monday.com/oauth2/token
But expires_in and refresh_token are missing in the response (everything goes well, I don’t have any error or problem).
Does it mean that the tokens are now valid without any expiration date (the doc mentionned 30 days)?
For me, it would make sense, as the integration can be removed by the user in Monday.

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Hi @jeromeskiply,

Yes, you are correct.

At the moment, the token’s are long life. They shouldn’t expire on you at the moment.

monday are planning to implement expiry tokens, however I don’t have a time frame for you at the moment.

The user is required to authorise the integration each time it is installed, which means that you can simply get a new refresh token when they re-install your integration

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