Official .NET API

I’d love to see an official .NET SDK. Unless it exists and I’m missing it…


That’s a great feature suggestion! At this time, I can only confirm we do not provide a .NET SDK just yet, but I definitely see how being able to use the monday SDK with a bigger variety of programming languages would go a long way :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to the feature requests section, so we can keep track of other developers who might be looking for this. Thank you for creating the opportunity for them :slight_smile:


I realize of course that it would only apply to the backend functions for an app or integration. UI/Board views/dashboard views/item views would remain javascript only.

@codyfrisch and @AlexSavchuk,

I wonder if the community sees value in a .NET SDK. It seems that there have been a few C# inquiries lately. If it is enough business motivation and community support behind this, Trix does have the skills to make one.

Call it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish you all the best and happy coding!


Thanks. The primary motivation for us is we’d be integrating some things to SharePoint/O365. This is going to require logic apps / power automate and building out a custom connector, as well as possibly azure functions.

While Javascript is an option for those platforms, .NET (and C#) has a lot of existing code for the microsoft ecosystem (shocking I know!).

I do know there is an unofficial Monday API v2 client out there, but its built around standard API calls and doesnt contain anything geared toward Monday Apps (yet)