On dashboard timeline widget, ability to group by #tag

I feel like this defeats the whole purpose of the tag column type…all I need is to be able to group my dashboard timeline by tag.


Thank you for the suggestion!

Whilst this isn’t on our roadmap, we’re happy to pass this suggestion along.

Can you let us know more about how this would enhance your workflow?


On my team we have various technical workstreams, and then we have a communications team that serves all of these workstreams. We have given each workstream a board, but instead of having to duplicate or move copies of the items where the comms team is involved, we are trying to just use a Tag that says “Comms.” Ideally, then the Comms director could have a dashboard with a table widget that pulls in all of the items from the multiple workstreams that are tagged “Comms,” and this would be a live connection so that edits are also updated on the boards. (But right now this advanced filtering in a dashboard is not available. We can use the text search for “Comms” but it might also pull in other stuff.)

And in addition, for our team-wide calendar (a dashboard timeline widget), we want to group by this tag to pull out the Comms items. (Helpful for the Comms director, but also for whole team, to see what reports or scheduled blogs we are promoting in a given week, etc., and also so we avoid scheduling conflicts and overburdening the Comms team on a given week.)

Anyway, one reason we upgraded to Pro was under the misconception that the Tag column would serve this need. We can go back to using a workaround where we create a Status column type and use it to tag, but we were having some glitches doing this. (In dashboard timeline widget, items would inexplicably move into the wrong group when we updated the Status for the item. Also, sometimes an identical duplicate group would appear instead of recognizing them as one.)

Thanks for your attention to this. In general, we see a lot of potential in this platform, but it just isn’t quite there yet.

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Hi @dgarrison - Thank you very much for elaborating the use-case :relaxed: We’d love to pass your suggestions and input to our product team!

In the meanwhile, do you think the Textual filter in the timeline widget would work? You can search for the Tag as you search for keywords and the timeline would show the relevant items from different boards.

Let me know what you think of this practice as a workaround

Hi Qassam,
Thanks so much for your attention to this. The workaround you describe could work for the first part of our build (the dashboard table widget that pulls in all Comms-tagged items), but I’m afraid it does not help for our need to group by Comms items on a team-wide dashboard. For this, we will go back to our hack of using a Status column type. Though we were experiencing some glitches and weird behavior that we will have to monitor.

Hi @dgarrison

Thank you! I think it would really help me visualize what your needs are if you could add some screenshots of the board and dashboard widgets you’re having trouble with. Could you send some over here?

Hi Julia, when grouping by Status column, if we update the particular status of an item from the underlying boards, sometimes weird things happen. Here is an example where, when I change the tag on an item from “Programs” to “Comms,” instead of sorting into the existing “Comms” group, a duplicate “Comms” group is created.

Hey @dgarrison

I’m going to send you an email now from support@monday.com so we can check if this is a bug.

Thanks for sending that across :slight_smile:

Hi Julia. I did not receive an email. Could you kindly resend?
And thanks so much for looking into this.

Hi David

No problem, I’ve just sent again :slight_smile: