Only Some Automations Happening?

Hi everyone!

I have 11 automations that happen when a status changes to something. I’ve tested them individually and they all work, however when all are active they’re not all happening! Only some happen, seemingly at random.

  • On the first status change try, only 1 automation happened (a simple notification).
  • On a 2nd try (I changed the status back, then forward to the triggering condition) only 4 of 11 happened.
  • I’ve viewed the automations activity to confirm this.
  • None of the automations have been turned off, so none appear broken.

My first thought was maybe there are too many automations for this specific status? Is there a limit?

Any insight is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve also checked that we’re not out of actions available on our account, so that’s not the cause!

Found the issue! I had imported items from Excel and the imported status condition was very slightly different from the status condition I was automating from. :+1: