Open the API to write data into the timeline activity (migrations/integrations)

We specialize in data migrations directly from the source system and can not write activity data, such as emails to the activity timeline. The workaround is we have to migrate historical email correspondence and other activities to board views, which is not optimal for new Monday customers. Please open up the API so we can write data to the timeline activity. Thank you.

Hello there @scot-trujay and welcome to the community!

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I am not sure I understand the request. What are you referring to as the “activity timeline”?

Can you show me a screenshot?


Hey Matias, I guess you call it activity log rather than activity timeline.

Where Monday customers can view their emails is where we would like to write their historical email data from a source system they have migrated from, is what we’re looking for because our tech reviewed the APIs and we can’t write to the Activity Log is our request.


Hello again @scot-trujay,

That is correct. You can read the activity logs (as explained here) but not write on them.

If when you say “Where Monday customers can view their emails” you are referring to the app “Emails and activities”, the API does not have access to said app.

Is that what you meant?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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