Opening my app in integrations show blank screen

It happens regular that I open my open from the integrations page and the recipes don’t show up (seeing a white empty screen). Just trying it again (sometimes 3 times) and the recipes do appear. Anybody else seeing this behavior?

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Hey @basdebruin :wave:

That definitely sounds a little odd to me, and I wasn’t able to replicate this on my end. Do you experience this happening at specific times or after an action, or is this happening in a more random fashion for you?

I have a feeling you might have done this already, but does this persist when you clear your browser’s cache or try a different browser?


Hi @AlexSavchuk

Indeed this is very random and yes, I cleared caches etc. This afternoon I had a call with @Ben and showed him some bits and pieces and he saw this happening. What I understood that it was a known issue for a while but should have been solved 2 weeks ago.

It is not a deal breaker, just curious to understand if other users experience the same.