Optimizing workflow with "My Work"

To minimize misunderstandings and time wasted by having multiple people on a task, we have chosen to assign an owner to all items/tasks, with one or more collaborators. This way, there is no doubt about who is responsible, as well as who might only contribute with advice, guidance, or other relevant input, as one can clearly see their collaborators on the task.

We use “My Work” a lot as it provides a really good overview of one’s workday and acts as a to-do list for what needs to be accomplished for the day and the week. Unfortunately, currently in “My Work,” both owners and collaborators are seen as “people.” This leads to misunderstandings in our busy day-to-day about who actually owns the task.

Could there be a solution in “My Work” where one can choose which columns to select in relation to “people” so that it only includes the owner and not the collaborators?

Best regards