Option for "DON´T SWAP ORDER" in the View Selection Dropdown Menu

After to many feedback messages from users … they find it annoying that the order in the View dropdown changes, based on what you selected last …

Hope this can be fixed fast :slight_smile:
Kind regards Nils

Hi @nmalexandersen - I haven’t heard about being able to change the order, but there’s an upcoming change to the UI you might like.

A feature that is in early testing now is the ability to pin your top 3 views as tabs next to the dropdown. The preference of which 3 tabs to pin will be per user, and per board, not for the entire account. So people will be able to have shortcut tabs to the views they use the most on each board.

It would still be a nice addition to also let a user choose whether to organize the view dropdown by frequency of use or alphabetically.

it would be a very nice addition indeed :slight_smile:

I can see that my request could be more precice. I want the order os views to be controlled, and stay that way :slight_smile: