Option for Guests to not see other Guests or Members details


I have a Board that tracks tens of deliverables at any one time across multiple clients.
I’d like the principle contact at each client to have visibility of their pulse status, but I don’t want them to be able to view critical information related to other clients.

I can restrict column views to cover much of this requirement, but it seems Guests are able to view the details, including emails, of other Guests. I’d like to request an option for Guests to be unable to view the Guests and Subscribers details. The fact they do have that ability seems counter-intuitive to the Guest definition.

Please let me know if there is a current operational workflow that I can use to circumvent this issue.


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Hey @neilio! Thanks for sharing this use case! The initial purpose of a shareable board is that this board could represent a project or high level view for one or a few clients that share the same needs or are in the same team. I’d be happy to share this with our product team! Can you let me know why you don’t want this visibility for the guests in one board? Are they different clients in different companies?

Let me know and thanks again for sharing! :slight_smile:


Yes, these are individuals from different companies and they are collaborating with my organization but not with each other. There is no requirement for each Guest to see the details of other Board Guests and this may be detrimental to
my organization.

I could put the client data on individual boards but I will still require an aggregate of all the pulses to know how my organization is progressing through the tasks and where there are issues in the throughput.


I see your point. I will definitely bring this to our product team as feedback as we do get some cases like this from our other users. What about creating a dashboard or multiple dashboards to aggregate all the information and create an overview of your tasks/projects with your clients for you to review? Have you tried this area yet? The dashboards aren’t accessible for guests yet but you can quickly see where things stand and even drill down into the projects with the battery widget.

Let me know if that helps at all :slight_smile:

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Hi Neil. If you’re clients aren’t making any changes to the boards you could see if the new Viewer User type has the same access to user information.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll test out the options you’ve both given.

I tested the Viewer option and they still have access to view the personal details of all Board Subscribers, Guests and Viewers.

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