Option for HIPAA controls at the Workspace level

We have a situation where a single team in our organization has a business case that security requires the HIPAA and Redact settings be turned on in our Enterprise Monday.com instance. It’s a precautionary measure as that group receives tasks generated from a public facing website for the specific purpose of communicating with the public.
The entire rest of our organizational use cases do not require this level of security and are unable to use the File Preview, Gallery, Broadcast, features and they have to login to see their notifications rather than just reading them in email. For this reason, we’ve got certain business areas looking for another tool for their processes, something we’d like to avoid.
If the advanced security could be applied only to specific Workspaces, we could maintain full functionality for the majority of the business areas, while also maintaining the required level of security for the special cases that require it.
Thank you!