Option for Upcoming section of My Week to show all items with due date

Hopefully I’m not missing this option somewhere but I looked at the Knowledge Base and clicked around my settings. I would like to have the option to view ALL of my items with due dates in the Upcoming section of My Week, even if the due date is further than the next week. We work on projects with lengthy timelines and sometimes I am lulled into a false sense of having a light week because I cannot see all of my deadlines in one place, so if this feature is not possible but there is another way to view all upcoming items with deadlines I would very much appreciate it!

Hey @caseyparnis

The whole point of My Week is to see things week to week.

The best way to see all of your items with due dates upcoming as well as for this week, would be using Search Everything. Just search for your name and then use the “Filter by Date” button to choose from now and up to say a month ahead.

This will show you everything you’re assigned to with a due date between today and whenever you set the filter’s end date.

Does that help?