"Optional" Mirror Columns

One common workflow I have found in Monday is the following:

  1. Have several boards, each representing one “input” type (e.g. Client Info and Timeline are inputs to a Projects board)
  2. I want to then propagate information from my “outputs” board (e.g. Projects) to some other board (e.g. Completed Projects)

This is complicated by two workflows:
A. I want to port over data from old completed projects (i.e. copy data directly into Completed Projects)
B. I frequently adjust inputs (e.g. the Timeline) before moving an output along in the process (e.g. moving Projects to Completed Projects)

Workflow A. disincentivizes mirror boards, and prefers raw data columns that can be copied into. Workflow B. seems to incentivize mirror columns.

The best of both worlds for me would be an “Optional” Mirror Column, one where I can input data directly (if no item from the other board is connected), or connect an item from another board and have its contents mirrored (if no data is input directly).

This would make legacy data very easy to enter (import via excel) and allows quick prototyping when messing with boards, without losing any of the power of mirror columns

Interested to see if this is something other people would like/are interested in!