Order MyWork by StartDate, not EndDate for longer term tasks

In MyWork, if a task has a start and end date, it is ordered according to the end date. So if a task starts today and ends in 2 weeks time it appears under ‘Later’, when I should be starting that task soon (especially if it is going to take a lot of time to complete). I would rather that task appeared under a category like ‘Current Work’.
I don’t think this is possible currently?

I agree, this would be really helpful for longer-term projects planned out with the GANTT chart feature.

This feature would be incredibly useful for our team as well, it makes it easy to miss when an item should be started if it is in the “Later” category.
Support had suggested using two date columns instead of the timeline column, one being start date and one being end date, but we use the gantt and timeline view quite often so this solution would not be ideal for us.