Order of subitems fails when creating using Zapier

Hi, I have created automation in Zapier thanks to which I create board based on a template and after that, there is a step where I create tasks. Each tasks has it’s list of subtasks and they have to be in the exact order that I entered in Zapier, but in Monday, it’s not as needed. I’ll attach 2 screenshots: one from Zapier and another as a results
Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot.
Does anyone have ideas how to restrict the order or what is the issue why it’s so?
If I decide to create subitems step by step for each task in Zapier, I will not have to create like 10 more subzaps to realize it as I have a lot of tasks and even much more subtasks for them.

Hello there @Andriy_Sushko and welcome to the community!

The subitems are created in the order as they come in (in the order they arrive via API from that Zapier action). Which means that the action might not be sending the subitems in the same order as you see them in Zapier.

I am not very experienced with Zapier, but I believe you can work around this by separating the creation of subitems into one action per subitem and maybe even adding a “timeout” or “waiting time” of 2/3 seconds between each subitem just in case. I know it is more work, but it is the workaround I think could work (with my limited experience with Zapier)


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Thanks for your reply, managed to make Zapier send subtasks in correct order.


I am very glad that is the case @Andriy_Sushko !! Let us know if you need anything else in the future!

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