Order your views


Board views is a particularly useful and powerful function. It also evolves when working with the board.
When using the board users add new views. However today there is no way that you can order the views.
When adding a view the view is being added is last. In some use cases you want to reorder these views without creating the
view again.

So please add the possibility that board owners can order or determine the order of the views (tabs).
Maybe it could be even better or more useful that users can apply a different order of created views that matches their workflow.


This is a huge issue for us too!

The kinda “work-around” is that we will create the default and then individuals can Favorite their views in the order that they want them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to globally set that but it works for the time being!

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This is a big issue for us too, when you have a lot of views and it is ever evolving, not being able to create a new view and put it in a logical order is not only frustrating, but a pretty big flaw in the logic. As so much of Mondays functionality is around drag and drop, this functionality would be immense.

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