Ordering groups within board alphabetically

Hello, I was wondering if there was anyway to sort the groups within the boards alphabetically. As there is no way to search by group item name within the board it would be great if it was possible to at least be able to search on the board more efficiently


Seconded! Need this feature!

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hey - @RebeccaJ welcome to the monday.com community an extension of the monday.com family

At this time we don’t have the ability to sort groups like we do items and column. I’ll share this feature request with our Product team.

CC @BenH7778


Our company would also benefit greatly from this feature as we are doing it manually at the moment.

Hey @ttemp56, thanks for posting! I’ll add your feedback to Bradley’s request to the product team.

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This would be great as well! Thanks!

Hi everyone! Kacey from monday.com here just letting you know that I’m relocating this to our Feature Request category, and encourage anyone reading this to comment if you’re interested in functionality of this type! Thanks so much.

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Sort groups based on the average items status would be really nice.

Agreed, definitely interested in this feature as being able to alphabetise the groups within a board would be really useful for work projects.


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