Our latest apps: Sync Subitem Timeline and Set Relative Timeline

The latest addition to our apps for monday.com

Sync Subitem Timeline
The Sync Subitem Timelines app keeps two Date columns (start and end) in sync with a Timeline column all living inside a subitem. This is a subitem version of the Start + End = Timeline app offered by Excellent Team.

There are two integration recipes in this app. One is designed for migration or initial sync (triggered on status change) and another one that synchronizes (triggered on column changes). Both recipes can be configured in the directions “Dates to Timeline” or “Timeline to Dates”. Recipes with different directions cannot be mixed on the same board to prevent building loops.

With this recipe the app keeps the timeline in sync with the start and end date (or vice versa). This will update the timeline automatically when any of the two dates (start and end) changes, or – if the opposite direction is chosen – update two date columns when the timeline changes.

Click here for more details and purchasing.

Set Relative Timeline (expected in the marketplace soon)
Set Relative Timeline let you define a timeline that will be set at a later time (e.g. when triggered by a status change). The timeline is defined relative to the time the trigger fires. With this you can easily set a timeline if the status of a task changes.

When defining the relative start and end dates you can use negative values (in the past) if needed. The app support months, weeks, days, working days and hours as input. Business days definition follows the monday.com standard, which is 5 day per week, weekends excluded. The app reads the weekend setting from your account settings.

The timeline is defined by specifying the start and end time in a number of units (months, weeks, days, working days, hours) before or after the moment the event takes place. As the timeline column in monday.com only support dates without time the definition of hours have only an effect when the trigger fires x hours before midnight.

This app integrates very tightly with the monday.com automations. The app has one integration triggered on item creation. As the app presents itself as an action block in any possible monday.com custom automation you can define any trigger using custom automations. This gives maximum flexibility in defining the trigger and in combining the action with other actions. As with all custom automation a trigger can also be defined only when specific conditions are met.

See below for a use case.

At our APP-STORE you can find all our apps. A short overview:

  • AutoID Column: generate a highly configurable and unique ID for your items
  • AutoID Subitems: the subitem version of AutoID Column
  • Start + End = Timeline: keeps a timeline in sync with two dates (and visa versa)
  • Sync Subitem Timeline: the subitem version of Start + End = Timeline
  • Match Index Column: works like the Excel MATCH/INDEX function, an enhanced Excel VLookup
  • Rollup Multiple Boards: gives you a full overview of what is going on in all your project boards
  • Set Relative Timeline: see announcement above
  • Delayed Status Change: change a status x period (hours, days, months) after an event happens
  • Status Controlled Groups: turn your groups into a workflow based on a status change
  • Date Controlled Groups: keep your items organized in groups (first things first)
  • Round Robin Assignments: assign a person from your team in a Round Robin fashion
  • Vote To Group: place your item in a top-voted group depending on the number of votes received
  • Item per Person: create an item in a different board for each person assigned to the current item

And then we have two free apps (not on the marketplace) that can be used in any custom automation action:

  • Clear column: clears any column, it can be installed from here
  • Assign to me: assign the item to the person that initiates the action, it can be installed from here

Enjoy monday.com and our apps!

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