Our new documentation center is released!

Hey monday builders, I’m happy to announce that we have officially released our new API and apps framework documentation!

What’s new?

  • A new look :haircut_woman:t4:
  • Reorganized API documentation, with articles organized by object :books:
  • You can now search!!! (tip: press CTRL-K to quickly open it) :mag:
  • Updated changelog for new features and links to relevant documentation articles (subscribe to the RSS feeds now!) :speaker:

What does this mean for you?

A better developer experience.
We did this to make it easier for YOU to find technical details easily. We’d love to hear any feedback you have (you can submit comments at the bottom of every article).

More accurate documentation
We’ve improved internal processes for updating our docs, to give you relevant documentation at the same time as a feature release is announced.

Get notified when we have new features for you
If you subscribe to our changelogs, you can learn about new features in the monday apps framework immediately. We’ll also continue to notify you if you’ve submitted any feature feedback that has been implemented or solved by a new feature.

~Happy building!~
Dipro :crystal_ball: