Outlook Integration Results in Four Emails Instead of One

I set up a relatively straight forward outlook integration emailing a status update with a link once every week. The outcome is that four emails come through, and only one has the link.

Does anyone know why this is and how to correct it? This will be a client based integration and I don’t want our clients to be receiving extra useless emails.

Hi @TyeZ,

Are you able to share the recipe that you have used?

Sure, I should have done that to begin with.

Thanks @TyeZ

Are you able to share your board? Even if you blackout any data that you don’t want to share.

My feeling is that it could be with the recurring trigger and when it is being triggered.

I am not 100% sure with the monday.com automations/integrations, but when developing using the monday apps framework, there are some bugs with the recurring trigger.

Are you receiving 4 emails per item on the board?

No, it’s four emails for one item. My process and goal is as follows:

  • Create client within an item on Client Board that lists my companies clients.
  • Create dashboard for respective client to show them status of their project (separate project board they do not see).
  • Get dashboard URL and add it to the clients information under a LINK column.
  • Use outlook integration to set up automated weekly email for specific client to include link to their dashboard for them to review project status.

I’m not sure how I would black out the data if I shared the board.

@TyeZ, duplicate the board, delete all the client and other applicable info, and send post/send me in the link in private.

I have similar integration that work with no issues, i’m sure it is something we can solve.

Will be happy to help you.

I have duplicated the client board and removed all private information. I have not readded the integration that I was having the issues with.

I am still pretty new to Monday.com, how would I send you the link to that duplicated board in private without adding you as a member? Thanks in advance.

Happy to help, you can click on the “Share” button on the top right.
Copy and send the link privately or post it here.

Well no wonder I’ve been confused about this. I do not have a share button like that next to the filter dropdown.


Try this:

After I changed the setting to Shareable, it did still did not provide me with a “Share” button next to the filter dropdown.
It did add a guests option to the top so now it is Guests & Subscribers, but I need an email to add a guest.

Sure, will send you a private message now.
Will be reviewing it by end of today.

Thank you. As soon as I receive the message I’ll share the board.

@TyeZ - I also share a board with my clients for status update via a web address. I create a filtered view with some columns hidden and ONLY their projects show up.

They receive their own address, and they can see live updates anytime they want. It’s a convenient way to work for status updates if you can’t get the other way to work as easily for you.

@TyeZ - If the problem with duplicate emails has continued, feel free to send us an email to support@monday.com and we’d be happy to take a look on our end.

In the email include the recipe you have established along with a screenshot of the duplicate emails in your updates section and a screenshot of your item’s activity log.