Outlook Recipient/Sender

I am yet to explore Outlook integration but would like some info please.

Is it possible to (with or without integration) when an email is sent to the board, a text field automatically pulls the senders name?


Short answer is no. In order to do this, you would need use a 3rd party integration like Integromat or Zapier. By default, when an email is sent to the board, via the boards email, it will show up as a pulse named the emails subject.

Now if you are expecting emails from certain people, you could set up one of the Outlook integrations to create specific items in predetermined groups, and name the groups after those people.
With this Integration, you can add multiple conditions for the emails so that they are filtered into the right group.

Thank you, sadly though the email could come from anyone in our company address book.
Not a big issue for us, just something that would have been nice to incorporate and take another layer off the analyst who creates the task.


I totally understand. You should definitely look into Integromat & Zapier at some point in the future, if you run into more cases like this. They really open up a lot more with Monday while still being “low code”.