Pagination Support

do we have pagination support both “page” and “limit” for Workspace, Group, Item, Column and Column Values in a single query (GraphQL)???

Hello @Chiranjivi485!

I am not sure I get what you are trying to do. What would that query look like? What would an example be?

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Hi @Matias.Monday ,

Is there any Pagination support (limit and page) combine for a Group which takes limit and page as an arguments in a single query to get response.

Example of a board query :

{“query”:“query {boards (limit:100,page:1){name id state board_kind description workspace_id permissions updated_at owners{id name}}}”}

With these we can fetch boards details right.
In Similar way are there any query support is there for above mentioned Workspace,group columns, column values which takes limit and page in single query.

Hello again @Chiranjivi485!

As of today there is no workspace specific object so you can not use limit and page for it.

Regarding groups, if you have a query like this one:


you can not use page and limit inside the “groups” field as parameters.

The same goes to “columns” and “column values”.

Hope that helps!


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