Pagination while fetching multiple boards simultaneously

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I see that the items_page query has the provision of taking multiple board ids as input . This is great for fetching items in a dashboard. This query also takes a cursor as input.

The challenge is, when there are more than 500 items in both boards, we get two different cursors in response - one for each board.

How do I use these multiple cursors to get the next page of items from these boards?

Thank you.

Look at the next_items_page query which foregoes the board part entirely (you now have the board info for each board, and cursor for each board). You’d make iterative calls for each cursor separately after the initial query though, not a single query that covers both boards.

link to the section of items_page that discusses next_items_page

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Thank you @codyfrisch :raised_hands:

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I’d look at this other thread for some possible techniques to speed up the process too. Parallelizing new cursor pagination - #8 by mgmcs


Hey, Thanks for sharing @codyfrisch , that looks like a really smart approach :raised_hands: