Parameters of a board view when there is a columns and column type


First of all, sorry if there is a topic, I searched and did not find one.

Here is my problem:

I have created a Monday application in javascript and I am using monday-sdk-js to communicate with the Monday API.

On my application, I have a board view with parameters to configure. I have a “columns” field to choose the fields to display on my view and a “column” field that has nothing to do with the other field.

When I use monday-sdk-js to retrieve the parameters from my application, I get the data without any problem:

    "columnsToDisplay": {
        "all": false,
        "name": false,
        "person": true,
        "status": false,
        "date": true,
        "date4": false,
        "statut_11": false
    "columnDate": {
        "date": true


As you can see from the API return and the image, the data is not consistent, only the person field should be true for columnsToDisplay but the other column field, columnDate, acts on the first one.

Is this behavior intended? Is there a way to work around it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Théo Vauvilliers

Hello there @theo_v and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

That is not intended behaviour. This is odd because I just tested it and it worked well for me.

Would you be able to schedule a call with us so we can take a look into it together?

If so, here is the link for it!


Hello Matias and thank you for your answer.

Since you don’t have any problem, I did some test on my side and it persists!
So I scheduled a call with the link you provided.

Théo Vauvilliers

Hello again @theo_v,

That sounds great! You will be meeting with either me or my colleage Alessandra.

So, maybe see you there!



I’m coming back to you because following the video call that my collaborator and I made with your colleague, we didn’t get any feedback.
The problem mentioned during the call was to be forwarded to the development team in order to examine the case.
The problem is quite compelling for me.
Do you have any news on this subject?

Theo Vauvilliers

Hello there @theo_v,

We will check with our team about this and come back to you!



Do you have any news for my problem?
Time is passing and I need to have a solution to this problem please.

Theo Vauvilliers

Hi @theo_v,

Apologies for the delay! I’m working with the team to get you an update as soon as possible. I’ll be following up in our email thread soon.