Parse a Json file via an API from monday Table

Hello everyone !

I’m looking for a solution to this problem :

I want to read directly in a number column a value from a Json file while knowing the associated key of this Value.

Exemple :

My API call >

The API return : {“status”:“1”,“message”:“OK”,“result”:"19043221718329235974770 »}

And I want to fill my number column with the value associated to result key.

Then I need to make an automation to refresh value on demand.

Is it possible to build this kind of parsing tool directly in monday table column ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Yes, you can do that using the API.

Here is the API reference on how to update a number column.

Automations cannot be modified through the API yet.

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Thanks for this quick answer, I’ll review this documentation !

Is it possible to call an API directly from a number Column, or we can only push from an API like with POST method ?

You can update and read from your board using the API. To react to changes on your board, you will to use an integration. You can read more about integrations here

I was not clear in my first demand perhaps, I’m just looking for fill a number column (Or a text column) with values I can parse in a JSON called from an external public API

I have the URL with the query, this URL return the JSON file and I want to display in the number/text column the value I’m looking for :


Then it display the parsed value.

I’m not sure it’s possible to handle READ method directly with the board, let me know.

Thanks in advance for your answer

It is not possible to “to handle READ method directly within the board”. To update the board programmatically, you will have to use the API.
To update a particular item, you will first have to get the board and item id. Using those ids, you can then update the number value for that item.
Here is an example from the documentation.

So for your task, the steps will look something like this:

  1. Get board, item and Link and Number column ids
  2. Parse the data from the link column for that item
  3. Make the request and obtain the result number value
  4. Update the Number column (using the example documentation link posted above) with the number value obtain from the request

Understood, so I need to code and run a script on my own for parsing a json and the push an update, am I right ?

Yes. That is correct

Thanks a lot ! I’ll try this !

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