Parse data code using PHP

Hi, I am retrieving the json code from API successfully from the board selected but cannot manage to parse the data using PHP
$responseContent = json_decode($data, true);

Specifically, I get the below result from above:
{“name”:“Subject Name”,“column_values”:[{“id”:“subitems”,“type”:“subtasks”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“email4”,“type”:“email”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“text8”,“type”:“text”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“long_text”,“type”:“long-text”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“person”,“type”:“multiple-person”,“text”:“John Doe”},{“id”:“status”,“type”:“color”,“text”:“New”},{“id”:“time_tracking”,“type”:“duration”,“text”:“1244:02:22”},{“id”:“creation_log”,“type”:“pulse-log”,“text”:“2022-08-22 13:08:10 UTC”},{“id”:“date”,“type”:“date”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“text5”,“type”:“text”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“requestor_email3”,“type”:“text”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“formula9”,“type”:“formula”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“files”,“type”:“file”,“text”:“”},{“id”:“item_id”,“type”:“pulse-id”,“text”:“3dffdf99”},{“id”:“dropdown”,“type”:“dropdown”,“text”:null}]}]}]},“account_id”:dfdfdfd}

I am trying to parse column “email4” from above as shown below but does not work:
foreach($responseContent as $data2)
$fromname6= $data2[‘items’][0][‘email4’];
$fromname6= $data2[data][items][0][‘email4’];

Any help will be appreciated

Hello @webwizny!

To be transparent, I do not have lots of experience with PHP, but let’s hope someone here in the community who does, can give you a hand :crossed_fingers:


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HI @webwizny
First of all I see a syntax error in the JSON string.
There are some }]}]} brackets which are not needed. I guess it’s because the response isn’t actually what you wrote, but you extracted part of it.
Then keep in mind that email4 (or any other column id) is not the key of your PHP array. That’s the value of the key id, so you can’t refer to it this way.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.18.30

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