Parse Data from API

I need to first extract all the data using Python from a specific board and parse it so that each item from the board is on a different line.

Here is my code->
import requests
import json

apiKey = “my api key”
apiUrl = “
headers = {“Authorization” : apiKey}

query2 = ‘{boards (ids: 2257165976) { name id description items { name column_values{title id type text } } } }’
data = {‘query’ : query2}

r =, json=data, headers=headers) # make request

Now, I do get all the items in the output but I’m not sure how to put each of them in different lines. Could someone please modify my code so that I get the desired output please?

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I do not have experience with Python, but you might be able to find some useful information by searching for the posts related to Python in the community.

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I think the Python json functionality is broken, what is returned fails json formatting tests. It’s also mentioned in another post on here with the same error I see.

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Quite late to this thread, but I’ve found that running python vars through json.dumps usually fixes the main formatting issues

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