Parse Error on User Query

I am struggling to understand the error here. Using make’s GraphQL module I am getting a parse error when populating the Ids array with data from a previous module, even though the input data looks identical from that of hand entering the 2 user ID’s

This is the error thrown
The operation failed with an error. [200] [{“message”:“Parse error on "\xC2" (error) at [2, 27]”,“locations”:[{“line”:2,“column”:27}]}]

This is what the query looks like (where 27.value is just a map function grabbing the users ID’s from a people column). If I manually enter the two ID’s in a comma separated list it runs fine, which tells me it is something with the data from the text module, but I just don’t see any difference in input to the module (it all looks correct to me)
I have also NOT copied and pasted from the api playground as that is known to cause parse issues with

query {
users (ids: [{{27.value}}]) {

This is what the processed input to the module looked like (I can’t see anything wrong with it)

“method”: “POST”,
“queryBody”: “query {\n users (ids: [14550468, 15656192]) {\n name\n email\n }\n}”,
“variables”: ,
“operationName”: null,
“variablesDataSource”: “array”

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @mtesdell ,

I had a quick look at this one and it took me a while to figure it out.

The users query expects an array of Int as the argument for ids however make adds in the ‘array’ component for us, so we only need to provide in a comma separated string and make wraps this string in [] to form the ‘array’

I was able to provide this by using the following value for the compose a string tool:

I the passed this value to Get A User module:

The full scenario (I am sure yours is probably more complex) I ended up with was:

Hopefully this solves it for you too!

@mitchell.hudson - Thank you so much for your quick and detailed response! I was so close. I knew it needed an array, as the data type was [Int!], but was trying to simply insert the text string of ID, ID inside of the array . I had tried almost that exact scenario, but didn’t have the join function included in my Compose a String module.

Adding that to it has solved the issue! Thanks again for taking the time to work it out!