Parse text from emails into multiple columns in an item

New user here,

I would like to make use of the create items via email feature.
It looks like the subject of the email goes into the task column(or whatever you call the first column) and the body goes into an “update” for the item.

Is there a way I can populate other columns via the email feature?
For example, using some delimiter in the body of the email to separate fields.
Like if the body of the email was something like:

“Order \ Continuum Transfunctioner\ 1827819972823 \ Some Department”

Could I get the text between the back slashes (or some other character) to populate separate fields/columns in an item?

For some context I want to use NFC tags to create items, and as far as I can tell I can’t use them to send JSON data, hoping to avoid creating a custom solution.

Thanks for any suggestions!