Partner Slack Interest?

Hey ya’ll! As someone who is new to the monday Partner community, my team and I have a ton of questions and eager to share and hear what other partners are doing that both works and doesn’t work. Most of the other Partner programs we are a part of have a slack team for its community to be able to get help, share ideas and resources without having to wait for email responses etc. I reached out to our Partner contact with monday via email asking about this, but have yet to hear back. So I hope this is ok and if not, I can delete it. For the partners out there who are interested in joining a slack team / community feel free to join at ** THIS WAS CREATED WITH NO MALICE OR ANY BAD INTENTION - BUT TO CREATE A SOLUTION TO A NEED FOR PARTNERS**

**Also is there a way to create a Partner Category or tag here also ?

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I think it’s a great idea to create a Monday partner support community team on slack. I was actually looking for one. I will join soon and maybe help people do more things with Monday or share and see different ideas on what is possible with the new api especially. That would be awesome. I’m not a partner but would be interested in reading about what they are doing. Personally I’m building a bot for slack that used Monday as basically the data base for accessing company info etc.

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Hi @pmlong,
I think having a communication channel for partners is a great idea.
We are looking to find the best way and channel for that, and we will keep you and the partners updated.

@kevinmarchese You are more than welcome to join our partner program! Here is the link to sign up and get more details -