Pasting Updates To Multiple Pulses... Unintended feature?

We have begun using this “hack” for pasting a Monday Checklist through all our pulses… that is, when you select multiple pulses and leave a note behind a status fold, it will update all selected pulses statuses.

This is incredibly useful for us- my boss wanted an internal checklist of our process that he can run down at the front of each board and make sure everything on every property we own is moving along smoothly. This removes over 21 columns for us! :raised_hands:

The only catch- it’s not the most user friendly. These updates aren’t editable once posted, and the status ring on the pulse doesn’t always display- AND, the update doesn’t show up along with the other updates, only within the status’s fold note. So have we glitched an unintended feature? Broken something designed for use of standard text only? Let me know!

Hello please can you share some screenshots?
it seems interesting to me

i see this now, i think you find some useful bug !!
thats what we need on our company, the possibility of having predesigned and customizable forms for checklist or any other application.