Payment automation

I was thinking about an automation that could make my life easier, and i’m not sure if its possible.
I work with a client that have a niche website and he sells the leads from it to a different client of his.
right now we send the leads directly to the client’s mail and once a week the client pays him off.
i started to think if its possible to have the client credit card on board and to make automatic payment for each lead that he gets. or like make payment every X days/ every 10 leads etc…
would like to hear from you knowledge about it.

Hello @Amit.Hemed,

Firstly, welcome to the Community!

And secondly, this can absolutely be done with a custom automation. Recently, we at Trix Solutions just implemented a custom automation (Python/Flask/AWS) to link our payments system to our banking system with Mercury for posting contractor payments.

If you feel the need for using a custom automation/integration to solve your problem, please feel free to fill out our Project Inquiry Form, and we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs further.

Thank you for your time, and welcome once again!


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