PDF Approvals Tracking Updates in Monday

Looking for advice for best means for going about the following Approvals Scenario:

  1. Existing Item on Board (have IDs)Have Item on Board. This was retrieved thru API

  2. Generate Email to reviewers with attached PDF or dropbox link to PDF when Status is Art Complete . This I can do thru API. Dropbox link seems best but doesn’t preview.

  3. Let Customer Click to Approve or Request Revisions to Artwork and make comments/markup changes to PDF.

  4. Receive PDF comments/markup saved AND UPDATE Status of item to Approved or Revisions Needed. At the moment the best method I can come up with is sending link to dropbox file which opens in acrobat as reviewer and saves comments/markups but still haven’t resolved item 3.

I’m stuck on item 3. I believe I can use Acrobat approval workflow and Dropbox to receive comments and approval/revision needed in the PDF. What I can’t sort is how to update status of item automatically. I have thought about couple of options for item 3 but looking for recommendations how to execute or an alternate solution.

Item 3 Options I came up with…
Option 1 - PDF using Acrobat Approval Process with Comments and buttons that have actions to goto a URL that will change Status to either Approved or Revisions Needed. Can I do this with Zapier or something similar to generate a clickable link to change status of item? Example : some url/id#/status and have the item update in Monday.
Option 2 - Use a 3rd Party App that simply does same . Prefer not to use Zilflow or some other complicated Web App. Something simple and cheaper. I prefer not even to go down this path.
Option 3: Is there an option of creating a board with a copy of the item pending approval and sharing it with only few columns allowing Status Change by the customer and updating the original item/file when changed?

Advice is appreciated!

Hello there @dean_m!

I am not sure I understand the flow you are trying to build. Would you be able to create a screen recording of the process you want to achieve with you explaining the step by step?

Please remember not to include sensitive information.


In its simplest form I am looking to update Monday Item if a PDF is approved or revisions requested from a reviewer. I can give the reviewers a link to click or button to approve inside of the PDF but I need to figure out how to post to Monday using a web url and not API?

Hello again @dean_m,

What about having a button column next to the files column, and when the user wants to approve, they can do so with that button?

It could also work with a link column, and you adding the link to approve each document next to the files column.

You can only update information in monday boards using the UI, automations and integrations, or our API.

I hope that helps!


Is there a way to put html into column? If so I could use the Adobe Embed API and the Approvals APP.

Hello again @dean_m,

As of today, there is no way of doing that.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face: