People dependencies

hi im using the timeline view with some automation.

it would of been very help full (or if it exists) - people dependencies.
if i assign a task to a person i want the next task that person has to be dependent (so no person has two task at the same time).

regards yair

Hi @yair! Would you mind elaborating on what this would ideally look like?

There are a couple of options that come to mind to help show what your team members should be working on at any given time:

  1. You could use the Dependency column to indicate which tasks are dependent on one another. You could then use the dependency automations to help indicate the status or timing for items as their dependency items are completed or changed. You can read more about this here: Using Dependencies with

  2. You can set your board permissions to “Edit only rows assigned to them in the People column.” With this approach, you could assign items to your team members one at a time to ensure that they can only edit this one item until you assign them to the next. More details here: How to Create Board Permissions

Do you think either of these options could work?