Permissions Issue

At the moment team memberswith ‘edit content’ permissions can delete board automations which makes no sense as an editor. Automations/ Integrations like the columns themselves should be restriced to admins only. We want our users to add and update their pulses only. The ‘edit content assigned to them’ permission would be perfect but it doesn’t allow them to add leads into the board strangely.

Can either the ‘edit assigned to them’ permissions also give them the ability to add pulses, or can the edit content have a restriction on editing automations/ integrations?


There are long-standing feature requests for extra granularity for permissions.

Search this forum using the keyword “permissions” to see previous feature requests.

This functionality belongs to the “entreprise” version i believe.
I think this should be on “pro” version too.

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I’m with @hlopezvc. I found out the hard way :rofl: (We have a Pro Plan) and if we had enterprise we could do the below. See screenshot (Very nice)