Permissions when using mutation


I’m developing an application and want to restrict editing of specific column for all users, but with the ability to update such a column using my app.

there is a way to achieve this?

Methods that use seamless authentication (including monday.api and ) offer capabilities that are scoped based on the permissions of the logged in user and the scopes you have configured in your app.

I could see in the sdk documentation that the seamless authentication respects the permissions of the logged in user, but there is a way to do such an action using the server-side?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll ask it in another way.

When an automation is invoked, there is a new activity log by the automation icon.
There is a way to update columns using a generic permission, similar to the automation, instead of the logged in user?

Hi @shaharsamira!

Glad to hear you’re developing an app, and I hope it’s going well.

In terms of restricting/changing permissions, at this time I’m afraid that this isn’t an ability we’re able to achieve using our API (or even manually to be honest).

Regarding your followup comment, in cases such as these, in which an account may want to utilize a “dummy” user, we do recommend taking up another user seat for this “dummy” account, if that makes sense. Maybe this could achieve what you’re looking for?

Feel free to DM (or reply here) with more context as to what you’re building! Happy to continue digging into this with you.


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