Phases within a Pulse

We are currently using to manage our editorial content. Each piece of content is 1 pulse and it has a very similar workflow across the board. For example, outline, author, review, copyedit, publish. However, doesn’t allow for work going horizontal. Instead, I’d have to make a new pulse for each phase and group them by phase they are currently in… which is awful for other parts of project management.

I saw a similar story here:

And they seem to be running into the same issue as me: you can’t really track multiple phases of work across the pulse. You can create multiple status columns or even status/due date links. However, if you add People columns for each stage, you can’t link the people to the status. So, it thinks that one person is responsible for the entire pulse. This really mucks up features such as “My Week”

Here’s my board and an example of how I’d like to connect “People” to specific status and due date.


Yeah, there was discussion of this in the Facebook group a while back.

I suggested as a solution a new combo that links a status, person column and date. Which is the same as you’re suggesting here I think

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I was on a webinar today and the presenter mentioned work going on for subtasks. I really hope they support this approach so we don’t have to make a new pulse for each step for each project…


Can’t wait for monday to implement the subtasks capability. Any ETA?

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We require horizontal and different groups for various phases. We have the same issue as well.

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