Pin a note to an image (feature request)

Glip/RingCentral project mgr allows me to pin a note/message to a specific area of a image,
In this case, an art mockup, Which is immensely valuable to point out specific areas of concern
for revisions to the artist. Obviously since we do custom apparel, this is a greatly beneficial
feature that can speed our productivity and help make more accurate notes to our artists, or others.


This can be done already in monday.
After you upluad and image, you can select it and press the add a comment button. And then select the place you want to add the notes. You can add as many as you want.

Yes it is true.

But you cannot do the same in the images on the updates, only in a file column.
That will be a feature request too…

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yes, @hlopezvc is correct. can only notate if file is in a FILE COLUMN… we are trying to comment on images that are posted as updates when clicking in a communication/quote bubble icon. The artist uploads mockups for review, and we need better ability to pin a note on image to supply feedback for the artwork.