Pinning a second column

Would love the option to pin the first two columns in a board so when you scroll sideways you still have these as a reference.

We use our first column as the client and the second as the project name. We have multiple jobs on at the same time from the same client so it does get confusing when the second column disappears as to which job status your editing. Often our boards have 12 or more columns and some of our guests only have access to the mobile app.


+1 for this! We create budgets in Monday and have to continually scroll all the way to the beginning to see our totals.

We would appreciate this as well, as we struggle whether we want the name or number (of a client’s issues tracking list) in our first column. Need the name, but the number is critical to the conversation 14 columns to the right as well!

I second this as well! It would also be great for each person to be able to pin their own columns, rather than as a view for everyone. For example we all work out of the same ‘production log’ and I work out of almost all the way to the end of it for main information, but have to keep scrolling all over the place for still relevant info (that needs to stay there for other people)

Hey @AlliS, @nicholasb, @straister, @mdudor,

Thanks for sharing.

Not sure if you know but you now have the ability to pin as many columns as you would like. It would work like this. :slight_smile:

Keep sharing your feedback, you help make us great :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps.


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Hmm this doesn’t seem to be showing up for me - is this something I need to activate or is it available in a shareable board?

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll give it a try today

Thanks @JustinJ that’s rad, but unfortunately I don’t have the thumbtack button?!!

After the search, I can see:
Filter by Person
Hidden Columns

That’s it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We’re on the Enterprise plan…

Any ideas?

@mdudor me too… same issue.

Not showing to me also.

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No pin here either.

What’s the strategy used by Monday for rolling out new features? Some accounts seem to get early access. Others don’t.

The screenshot posted by @mdudor above shows a blue button labelled “New Task”. Mine says “New Item”. No doubt they do the same thing but why the difference?

Hey @JohnW, @agranville, @straister, @AlliS, @nicholasb,

Sorry, about that. I realized that this is a beta feature. I went ahead and granted you all access to ths feature. You can always choose to explore more beta features from your avatar–> monday.labs section of the dropdown.

Just refresh and it should reflect. All fully-baked features that are released are mentioned in the what’s new section of the same dropdown. We are exploring other methods to notify our users of all the new features and beta features. :slight_smile:

Let me know if this works.


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Hey @mdudor

I had trouble finding your account. If you email into we will be happy to assist with granting this feature. :slight_smile:


Got it now. Thanks @JustinJ.

You can always choose to explore more beta features from your avatar–> monday.labs section of the dropdown.

I check monday.labs every day but haven’t seen any new beta features appear for a few weeks recently. Always hungry for more. :wink:

Awesome. This is working for me now and thanks for the tidbit on beta stuff!

Thanks JustinJ. I have already spread the news to all Monday users of my company. Hope that this feature remains active in my account :slight_smile:

Not seeing this either.

@JustinJ Could I get the thumbtack on our account too please? Don’t see it in beta labs

@JustinJ Could this feature please be added to our account as well. It’s not available in the labs section for our account. I had staff asking about it earlier today. Thank you!

Hey @sschreiner @Krishele @weblifestores,

Justin is back :slight_smile: I went ahead and granted this beta feature to all of your accounts.

Just refresh and it should reflect accordingly. Keep crushing it on and feel free to share your use case’s in the other threads. :slight_smile:


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