Placeholder User Creation

Today we have pulses that require a “People” assignment whose assignee does not need to log in to or use the system. There is currently no native way to create this user.

Use Cases

  1. Contractors: For us, we don’t want or need contractors using Monday, but we want to track the pulse ownership in “people” to understand it belongs to someone else.

  2. Project Manager Resources: When creating new projects, a PM may know a designer needs to “Create concept”, but may not have a real assignment yet. Having a placeholder can help them visually identify pulses that need to be reassigned, and to what role in the event the description of the pulse is not immediately apparent.


  • Inviting Dummy: We may still want to assign the “People” column as a contractor, but there is currently no way, other than creating a “view-only” user which requires a real email address, to create a user for that column.
  • Text Column: The hack is admittedly easy, such as creating a text column, but it does cause creation of superfluous columns which should otherwise use the same “Person” pattern.

Example use if feature was available:

  • Admin goes to “Admin”>“Users”.
  • Admin clicks “Create Placeholder”.
  • Admin is given a prompt to assign a first and last name. No other input is required.
  • Admin enters “Contractor Jill”, or simply “Jill Lastington”.
  • Users can now assign “Contractor Jill” in “People” columns.

System contraints:

  • “Dummy” users should not count against allotment costs, though it should not allow log-ins. It’s purpose is purely one of utility.

Hi @Aaren

Thank you for sharing this! It sounds similar to this post:

On a board we use internally, where we don’t want to trigger a notification to the team members yet but we do want to plan our resources for each iteration, we use the dropdown column to assign the tasks to different people in the team. It removes the human error associated with the text column and allows for filtering on the board.

Might that work for you as a workaround? :llama: